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Tape Media Offers Hope To Organisations During Growing Threat of Ransomware Epidemic

The FBI releases guidance on how tape media can help reduce the risk of ransomware attacks

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my tape media?

Despite their robust and durable exterior, the precious magnetic tape that stores your data inside needs to be taken care of. To maximise performance and life-span, tape media should be kept in a clean, dry, dust-free environment, kept relatively active and away from direct sunlight, with the optimum storage temperature being between 59-77 °F, and in a humidity of 40- 60%.

Got a question about the storage of your tapes? Get free advice from our tape media experts.

What’s the most secure tape media disposal method?

For many years companies have relied upon disposing of their tape media through the more traditional methods, such as degaussing, shredding or incineration. However, with the advancements of tape media, the increased importance of data security and the ever-growing focus on the environment it's questionable as to whether traditional disposal methods can meet the needs of today’s conscientious organisation.

Through extensive research into tape data disposal methods, Insurgo has developed KIT, a revolutionary disposal solution that offers organisations complete confidence in their data destruction, offering total data erasure as well as being environmentally friendly. Learn more about KIT.

What is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of tape?

With mounting pressures on our environment, it's essential for us as both individuals and businesses to consider the impact we are having on our planet.

With plastics being particularly problematic, it is essential that we are taking action to dispose of tape media in the most eco-friendly way possible. Given that some components of tape media are entirely non-recyclable, Insurgo’s KIT tape disposal solution offers a completely environmentally friendly way of disposing of tape media. Learn more here.

I have a tape data disposal method in place. Why should I consider changing?

Some companies may have previously relied on convenience and costs when disposing of their tape media, but in 2019 there simply is no room for complacency or budget-cutting when it comes to data security and environmental impact. 

Any conscientious organisation that wants to ensure the risk of a data breach is at its absolute minimum needs to have a dedicated, secure and verified method of tape media disposal. 

KIT from Insurgo Media guarantees a completely secure process end-to-end, that successfully removes all readable traces of data from tape media, whilst limiting its effect on the environment.

We are absolutely confident that KIT will surpass all other tape disposal methods on the market. Discover more about KIT here.